Are there Nazi under currents in UK politics today?

In a week when Labour MP David Lammy highlights the similarities of the UK’s current political landscape to that of 1930s Germany, it may have come as quite a shock to many that former Deputy Prime Minister, Michael Heseltine has now made similar comparisons.

In an interview with Channel 4 news, Heseltine highlighted the very disturbing rhetoric coming from political figures such as Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnstone that he compared to the build up of anger towards ‘foreigners’ that seen Hitler gain power in Germany in 1933.

Much of what has been seen in UK politics over the last decade has certainly raised a few eyebrows and immigration has been the key to this apparent shift to the far right.

But, are there other powers driving this? Because the UK is not alone in this shift of attitude towards immigration. A video showing Nigel Farage and Steve Bannon mentions a global shift in attitude towards immigration driven by the likes of Farage. Steve Bannon even talks about financing global co-operation in the video. So, is he more deeply involved than the public are aware of? Does he have more influence over Nigel Farage (and others) than we know of? Farage only last week boasted of £750,000 in donations in the first 10 days of his new Brexit Party being created. Claiming that it was made up of lots of small donations (under £500), but when you drill that down you come to a figure of £500 every 10 minutes for 10 days solid. Which, of course, seems highly unlikely. The reality being that most individual donors would donate much smaller amounts and so probably bringing that volume of transactions to something quite huge.

We are going through political times that are historically unprecedented and the talk of ‘dark money’ is regularly featuring on the likes of twitter and facebook (and rarely within the pages of the mainstream press or on political broadcasts). The Conservative Party have been at the centre of ‘dark money’ discussions for some time now and they themselves are no strangers to controversy around their fan bases, with not only Rees-Mogg cosying up to some seriously far right figures, but also the likes of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) singing to the same tune as the Tories. And there exists another figure who seems to have been financed to a level that allows him to conduct some fairly high level campaigning.

So the whole question of funding and fuelling of a far right, anti-immigration is one that is not likely to go away anytime soon. But the answer to the main question here, is also unlikely to find an answer… Who exactly is pushing this agenda, other than Steve Bannon?

There’s a 1930s video doing the rounds that is as relevant today as it was then…

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