The Brexit Party, Arron Banks & the 2016 UKIP connection

A recent thread on twitter has opened up some interesting revelations around The Brexit Party, showing that the domain name had been registered since 2016. But, then it gets more interesting. Not only was it registered in 2016, it was done so by a branch of UKIP.

So, OK, probably no surprise there to be fair, but at around the same time, Arron Banks was openly suggesting the creation of a new party to break away from UKIP and was eventually suspended from the party in March 2017 at which time he indicated that there were “interesting times ahead”.

Read the entire thread here…

Nigel Farage has claimed in numerous interviews that The Brexit Party wouldn’t take any money from Arron Banks…


  1. If you do a bit of digging, you’ll discover a blogger who claims to have registered The Brexit Party name in 2016, and that Farage nicked it. Just search for “Brexit” blogs on WordPress and you should find him, that’s how I stumbled across him…


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