The battle is on to prevent Boris Johnson proroguing parliament

A breakaway group of MPs and lawyers are seeing the first stages of success in their legal case to prevent Boris Johnson from shutting down parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit, with speaker of the house, John Bercow, also promising to do whatever is within his powers to prevent such a scenario.

Bercow was quoted as saying “If there is an attempt to circumvent, to bypass or – God forbid – to close down Parliament, that is anathema to me”.

The Leave.EU group also appear to be pushing for no-deal at any cost with frequent twitter posts attacking those that speak up against any attempts to shut down parliament to force the position, launching a personal attack on John Bercow with a tweet ending “Time to Go Bercow”.

The battle around any mention of potentially shutting down Parliament has really heated up of late and with all those key figures getting involved, it should be taken very, very seriously.

Additional fuel was added to this particular fire when some news reports, specifically one by The Telegraph, suggested that 54% of voters were in favour of Johnson proroguing parliament. Although following the publication of those reports, many questions were raised as to whether the poll results were accurate or even truly representative, given the severity of such a move.

The court case raised by the 70 MPs and legal experts was fast tracked by the court and is expected to be heard on 6th September 2019

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