Boris Johnson’s shutting down of Parliament found by Supreme Court to be unlawful. Bercow calls for parliament to reconvene

The Supreme Court has today came to the decision that the suspension of Parliament by Borish Johnson was indeed unlawful.

Following a fairly short court case and as a result of the Scottish court of session finding the prorogation to be unlawful the Justices sat at the Court of Session announced their decision at 10.30 this morning. The verdict was unanimous.

The judges specifically cited that Parliament was the body responsible for supervision of the government and that it was prevented from performing its constitutional role by the shutting down of parliament, therefore making the prorogation unlawful.

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but a General Election look like the most likely outcome.

This is a massive blow for the government and there have already been calls for Boris Johnson’s resignation, although that is an unlikely outcome.

The hashtags #SupremeCourt, #SupremeCourtUK, #Prorogation, #ProrogationUK are trending on Twitter amidst numerous calls for Parliament to reconvene immediately.

So, we expect Parliament to reconvene tomorrow under the steam of Speaker, John Bercow. However, the most interesting thing will be how government respond and upon re-entering parliament how the opposition will react during Parliamentary business.

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