Could the rise of Sinn Fein lead to Brexit complications and break up of Union?

The results of the recent general election in Ireland could have significant implications for Boris Johnson’s Brexit. With Sinn Fein taking a majority of votes it’s looking more and more likely that Irish unification could be on the cards. This raises the big question of what does this do for the Brexit process?

The Irish problem was always a hurdle that the UK government found difficult to get over easily and it has now become even more difficult.

Boris Johnson’s hair brained scheme to resolve it today was to regurgitate a previous plan to build a bridge from Scotland to Ireland. Which actually does not resolve the Irish border question as a border would still need to be established to satisfy the EU. So, whether that’s in the middle of a bridge or in the middle of the Irish Sea, the EU would likely still demand a border.

The abrupt rise of Sinn Fein was mostly brought about by the younger generation who see them as a conduit of change. The party exist mostly on the left of politics and seem to be attracting the younger voter who had become quite disheartened by the centrist coalition that were governing the country.

So, the Brexit process has just become a whole lot more complex and in turn the UK union a whole lot more vulnerable to a future break up.

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