Brexit kicked into the long grass until Halloween!

Prior to Theresa May’s visit to EU leaders yesterday they issued a statement that unless she was coming with something meaningful they could not entertain her.

However, this morning’s reports have now stated that they have extended Article 50 until 31st October (yes, Halloween… newspapers will have a field day), on the basis that she claims to be making “good progress” with the Labour Party in coming up with an agreement. This is in total contradiction to what our newspapers and online media outlets are reporting here of course. So maybe somebody can enlighten us as to what progress has been made with Labour.

Either way, there will be a lot of people unhappy with this further delay. Expect the hard line Brexiteers outside Westminster this week waving their Union flags and shouting about “traitors” and “taking back control”. Expect hysteria from the right wing press about betraying the country.

It’s looking like it’s time to prepare ourselves for the European Elections after all. Interesting times ahead.

Looks like we will have to find something else to write about while May scrambles around seeking support from Corbyn and attempts to appease the angry crowds.

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